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My birthday is just around the corner and one of the fun things to do, is making a list (who am I kidding, making lists is ALWAYS fun! Yes, I'm a list-type-of-person ;) of some current wannahaves. My parents are away on their holiday and since my birthday's on a Monday a lot of my friends and family are working as well. Nonetheless, Pieter & I took the day off to celebrate and make it a festive 29th (oh my^^) birthday.

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  • The weekend before our actual holiday started, we drove up to Antwerp with Arnout & Lianne for our annual Sale (solden) trip (here, here & here). Thankgod for the air-conditioning in the car that day, it was tropical!
  • My new black & white brogues from the Zara sale, yesss :)
  • First day of our holiday, Pieter turned 29. Happy birthday boo!
  • Ofcourse I had to make a 'bday' wordbanner.
  • As a surprise I had Pieters' favourite ice cream place make a birthday-cake for him. Merengue bottom, with caramelised nuts/vanilla ice cream, topped of with a layer of chocolate.That's what I'm talking about, ha!
  • Starting things of very relaxed, watching re-runs of Awkward and cuddling with Zoef on the couch.



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Hey you, how've you been?

Last Tuesday we hopped in the car and drove to Maastricht for the afternoon. It's so silly, it's just a little over an hour drive, but we rarely visit. Must remember to drive up there more often!

Check out some of the photo's we made that day and I've put some links below of the things we loved while being there :