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Ohh Zara hits the nail right on the head this season! It might not come as a surprise, as I've talked about it several times here on the blog, but I'm almost always cold. Just sitting here, typing this blogpost I'm wearing multiple layers, a knitted scarf and 100 denier tights. Indoors. Where it's 22,5 degrees celsius. I know right!? That's why I clicked several big, chunky (some of them fluffy) knits home, these past few weeks.

This oversized cardigan couldn't be more perfect to me! Somehow I always tend to go for slightly oversized fashion and this fluffy number just makes you wanna wear it over and over again. Curl up on the couch to read a magazine, throw over a little black lace dress for that bit of nonchalance, or as in this case just pair it with my old pair of jeans and suuuper comfortable (I call em pocahontas;) suede booties.

- fluffy oversized mohair knit // Zara -
- stonewash  Leigh jeans // Topshop -
- basic white long sleeve // Hema -
- clubmaster sunglasses // RayBan - (also seen here when it was still summer ahh)
- suede fringe ankle boots // Maruti -

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A couple of weeks back we took our little puppy out to do some shopping and just have the experience of being around lots of different people, sounds and situations, in Nijmegen.
I've been going there for as long as I can remember, it's the closest 'big city' from where we live and up until recently we kind of had a set route for all our shopping/eating/drinking/walking around.

Time to shake things up when that happens! At first we



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These pictures were only taken a week ago, during one of our break-time walks. But looking at the trees and the way they are now it feels like months ago! ^^check my previous post to see the effect of fall really kicking in right now^^

Actually snagged this knitted scarf/snood with me just as an 'oh well, let's take this home' kind of item. But it turns out to be a real go-to item these past few days! Wearing it right now indoors as I'm typing this, yes I had to look down to check ;) Might have to get



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After a busy week and even more so busy weekend, we took Zoë out for a nice long fall walk this Sunday morning. It's so much fun to see everything that's new for her, she get's super excited when the wind blows away a couple of fallen leafs. Or when a chestnut hits the ground.
Okay we do keep having to take things out of her mouth, cause she's still in that