Look of the day..

Okay, my very first look of the day post.. This was a whole new experience for me, well for us actually, 'caus somebody's gotta take the pictures ;) I'm stil saving for a "supa-dupa-digital SLR camera" (yes, I'm drooling over this!) but for now we're using my Casio compact camera so that will just have to do for now.. I will try to make better ones real soon! But as I said before it's our first attempt so please bear with me :)

Hope you've all had a great weekend and scary halloween!!


Boots - Invito
Sequin Dress - H&M
Knitted Cardigan - Zara
Shearling Jacket - H&M
Bird Skull Ring - Ydeltuyt
Gold ring with turquoise stone - By1Oak


These boots are made for walking..

Just a quick post today showing you my new high-heeled rubber-soled boots!! Wasn't really sure at first when they were staring at me from the shelf, but once putting them on, I WAS SOLD! They looked kinda chunky and rough at first, but once you've put them on your feet they realy look good and kinda bad-ass ;) Can't wait to take these babies out for a spin!

So I'll leave you with some pics, please tell me what you think.

Have a great Saturday! xx



Finally, after months of rumours, hoping and waiting, the day is here : 4th of November!
Put it down on your calender, write it in your agenda, set the alarm on your phone 'caus Zara is opening an online shop for all us Zara-lovers in Austria, Belgium, Ireland, Luxembourg and the Netherlands (and there's lots of us! ;)

I have already made a selection of items that I would happily put into my online shoppingbasket :

1. Zara Plush Trousers with belt loop €29,95
2. Zara Felt Hat with feathers €29,95
3. Zara Platform heeled ankle Boot €89,95
4. Zara Blutcher with fringes €69,95
5. Zara Padded City bag €39,95
6. Zara Round neck blouse €79,95
7. Zara Polo Neck Dress with side seams €69,95
8. Zara Feather Necklace €39,95
9. Zara Ankle boot with laces €119,00

* Zara Studio Straight coat €169,00

Ever since the lookbook from Zara was online, I have been obsessing over this red coat..!! I love absolutely everything about it, the strong cut, the length and ofcourse its rich, red color. Can't decide in which one of these combinations it looks better, it looks strong and powerful combined with an all black outfit, but it definately looks equally strong and very feminine put together with all red items, LOVE IT..!!

* Zara Imitation Sheepskin Skirt €79,95
* Zara Long round neck cable stitch Jersey €39,95

Last but not least I'm thinking about ordering this black faux-leather pleated skirt, which I think looks fantastic with thick black tights as in the left picture. I also love the way they combined it with the chunky knitted grey sweater on the right, that would also look very good just thrown on with a pair of skinny jeans!


We are golden..

Just wanted to show you some of my favourite pieces of jewellery. Hardly a day goes by without me wearing some of these lovelies. Some have special meaning, and some are just really great and fun accessories and can brighten op an entire outfit!

Above are some of my favourite golden pieces :
*  Shiny Cap Ring from Ydeltuyt
*  A real golden necklace with heart pendant, given to me by my boyfriend for christmas :)
*  ILFN elastic lovely red Heart Bracelet from I LOVE FASHION NEWS
*  Soho Fairytale turquoise Ring from By1oak


The necklace on the far left was a gift for my birthday this year from one of my best friends and I've been wearing it a lot ever since!
The silver necklace with the pearl pendant used to belong to my grandmother and I cherrish this one very much and only wear it on special occasions.
The next one with the open detailed heart pendant was a souvenir from a vacation me and my boyfriend went on to Tunisia.
This one is my newest addition to the collection and I love it ever since I opened the envelope and layed my eyes on it! It's the Robot Necklace gold from Ydeltuyt.
The last one, gold with off-white pendant, is one I bought a couple years ago but have been wearing ever since!


Late Night Plateau Cravings

Thinking about doing some late night shoe-shopping..
These 2 have been in my head for a few weeks now, but was still thinking about maybe saving up and buying the YSL tribute 105 or as I posted before, the Mohawk ones (aaahhhhh, sound of angels) .
But, as I'm not letting myself purchase anything rediculously expensive at the moment, it's come down to these 2 :

*Cafe Moda Suedelook plateaupump.
I really like this one because it kinda reminds me of the YSL 105 ones,
and I think it's a beautiful simplistic high heel shoe!

*Cafe Moda plateaupump immi-hair.
The thing I like about this one, is the pony-feel it has over it, and I really like the rough rubber soles.
Which I think might come in handy with the wet and slippery season arriving.. (and by arriving, I mean IT IS HERE!)

Which ones do you prefer?

If I had a million dollars..

..this is what would be in my closet ASAP..!!

Givenchy Calf Hair ankle boots €750
Camilla Skovgaard Tassel heel suede ankle boots €435

Alexander Wang Constance felt Booties €663,26
Yves Saint Laurent Lingot gold-plated heart ring €221,09
Yves Saint Laurent Palais Mohawk suede pumps €794,72

Nicholas Kirkwood for Rodarte €1138
Burberry Prorsum Shearling-lined Aviator boots €895