Late Night Plateau Cravings

Thinking about doing some late night shoe-shopping..
These 2 have been in my head for a few weeks now, but was still thinking about maybe saving up and buying the YSL tribute 105 or as I posted before, the Mohawk ones (aaahhhhh, sound of angels) .
But, as I'm not letting myself purchase anything rediculously expensive at the moment, it's come down to these 2 :

*Cafe Moda Suedelook plateaupump.
I really like this one because it kinda reminds me of the YSL 105 ones,
and I think it's a beautiful simplistic high heel shoe!

*Cafe Moda plateaupump immi-hair.
The thing I like about this one, is the pony-feel it has over it, and I really like the rough rubber soles.
Which I think might come in handy with the wet and slippery season arriving.. (and by arriving, I mean IT IS HERE!)

Which ones do you prefer?

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