The sky is falling down..

The first snow has fallen last night and it is beautiful..!! Everything looks so pretty and quiet like the world is covered with a soft white blanket. I love dressing up in wintery knits and a complete outfit in angelic like colors as soon as the first snowflake touches the ground. But as I was thinking about what to wear, and I knew I wanted to wear my grey coat with oversized hoodie, I felt it needed nothing else but an all black outfit to go with it! To give it a little edge I put it together with my cut-out top and suspender tights.

xx Daphne

Grey Coat - Zara
Cut-out Top - 8mm
Suspender Tights - Henry Holland
Black Leather Clogs - Cafe Moda

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Christmas Inspiration

Only 6 days till our house turns into Christmas-Winter-Wonderland. I can't wait to decorate the whole house again and put up the lights in the garden! Every year we do a little bit more and I'm wondering how it will look this year. Here's some christmas inspiration to get you in the holiday mood :)

Love, Daphne

pics by movingdesignz & theinspiredroom

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Baby it's cold outside

Well today we took the camera out for it's very first spin! We walked by the riverside and took pictures of literally everything, birds, buildings, grass, concrete, boats, you name it we've captured it ;) Ofcourse we did make some outfitpics and even though I think we could do a lot better with lots of practice, it is already such an improvement from our previous photo's taken with my old camera! It was -3 today and we were very, very cold but it was a lot of fun playing around with the camera and trying everything out so hopefully you'll enjoy the pictures!

Hope you've all had a wonderfull weekend..!!

xx Daphne

Camel Pants - H&M Trend
Red Platforms - H&M
Golden Heart Necklace - Present from the BF
Turquoise Ring - By1oak
Lipstick - Chanel Rouge Allure Audace
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Early Christmas!

Christmas came real early for me this year, at least it really feels like it :) Yesterday the boyfriend and me went shopping for a SLR-camera and guess what...............we brought one home! Meet our Nikon D3100 :

Haven't played with the settings or anything yet, so these are the first 'try-out' pics to give you an idea. Can't wait to take it out tomorrow and photograph well, everything..!! :D

Have a lovely weekend!

xx Daphne

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Lusting for the Holidays

Natalia K by Pierre Dal Corso for Zink Holiday 2010

Just wanted to share these beautiful inspirational photo's with you. I love the knitted shorts, the fur, the polkadots, the way they used lingerie as part of the outfit, I love it all..!!

All pics by fashiongonerogue

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Black Magic

I had my eye on the cracked-nailpolish for a while now, but couldn't find it in any of the shops I was looking in. After some browsing on the net I stumbled across the Barry M-Instant nail effects and decided to give it a go :
Underneath I used Catrice-From dusk to dawn and on top BarryM-Instant nail effects Black magic. Imagine how this would look with a super sparkly gold underneath for the holidays :)

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Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow..

Ever since I saw the Lanvin x HM collection my mind was spinning and I couldn't decide what I wanted to get, but also IF I wanted to get something.. Even though I think it is a beautiful collection and I would love to own the mustard one shoulder dress, or the dark-beige tule dress, I really don't have that many occasions to wear them and with that in mind it is a lot of money for a piece of clothing you only wear once or twice. So I decided not to get anything......well, that is except for the red necklace :) Couldn't resist to it so hopefully it will arrive at my house any time soon!

The weather forecast is predicting a lot of cold and even snow for the upcoming week here in Holland.
All the more reason to be thinking about hot chocolate, fireplaces, fleece blankets and most important of all : Christmas..!!  Don't you wanna decorate your Christmas Tree and start buying everyone presents just by listening to this song?

Love, Daphne

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Bloomin Brilliant Brownies

This week is my parents 31 year anniversary so I decided to bake them something good! I could have baked them a cake, or something else more fancy, but I went for my always faithfull Brownie recipe using this recipe here. I used Cranberry's instead of cherry's and opted for pecannuts. I also added 50 grams of chopped white chocolate to the mixture just before I put it in the oven. If you ever need an easy Brownie-recipe, THIS IS IT! And I promise you, it's delicious :)

Love, Daphne

PS. If you ever try it, please let me know how it turned out! xx 

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