Baby it's cold outside

Well today we took the camera out for it's very first spin! We walked by the riverside and took pictures of literally everything, birds, buildings, grass, concrete, boats, you name it we've captured it ;) Ofcourse we did make some outfitpics and even though I think we could do a lot better with lots of practice, it is already such an improvement from our previous photo's taken with my old camera! It was -3 today and we were very, very cold but it was a lot of fun playing around with the camera and trying everything out so hopefully you'll enjoy the pictures!

Hope you've all had a wonderfull weekend..!!

xx Daphne

Camel Pants - H&M Trend
Red Platforms - H&M
Golden Heart Necklace - Present from the BF
Turquoise Ring - By1oak
Lipstick - Chanel Rouge Allure Audace
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  1. sweet look, those shoes make the outfit pop & that ring is a little special treat when you can see it!x

  2. I like the shoes!
    Nice post :)


  3. Die broek wil ik ook nog steeds heel graag! Leuke outfit!


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