Early Christmas!

Christmas came real early for me this year, at least it really feels like it :) Yesterday the boyfriend and me went shopping for a SLR-camera and guess what...............we brought one home! Meet our Nikon D3100 :

Haven't played with the settings or anything yet, so these are the first 'try-out' pics to give you an idea. Can't wait to take it out tomorrow and photograph well, everything..!! :D

Have a lovely weekend!

xx Daphne

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  1. Wow, je hebt groen ogen! Dat zag ik niet op je voorgaande foto's---mobiele foto's.

    Wat een superaankoop. Ik ben jaloers. Ik moet even stoppen met kleren kopen om een camera te kunnen kopen, maar het is zoooo verleidelijk.

    In ieder geval veel plezier met klikken van foto's!



  2. super jealous :)

    its alright to have two christmasses

  3. Wow arent you lucky! I've been researching SLR cams and this was on the top of the list actually. are you happy with it so far? what models were you deciding between? looks like your first pics turned out lovely :) merry early christmas!

    Glocal Girl

  4. yay! what a wonderful christmas present. i cannot wait until i can afford to buy a really good slr & play with it alllll the time!
    happy snapping :) x

  5. Even the try-out shots are good! Imagine what is going to follow the next days!

    Kisses, Froso from Style Nirvana

  6. nice! je konijn is super mooi! echt een aparte!


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