Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow..

Ever since I saw the Lanvin x HM collection my mind was spinning and I couldn't decide what I wanted to get, but also IF I wanted to get something.. Even though I think it is a beautiful collection and I would love to own the mustard one shoulder dress, or the dark-beige tule dress, I really don't have that many occasions to wear them and with that in mind it is a lot of money for a piece of clothing you only wear once or twice. So I decided not to get anything......well, that is except for the red necklace :) Couldn't resist to it so hopefully it will arrive at my house any time soon!

The weather forecast is predicting a lot of cold and even snow for the upcoming week here in Holland.
All the more reason to be thinking about hot chocolate, fireplaces, fleece blankets and most important of all : Christmas..!!  Don't you wanna decorate your Christmas Tree and start buying everyone presents just by listening to this song?

Love, Daphne

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  1. Ik heb ook het rode ketting besteld! Evenals de gele jurk en de petticoat dress. Alleen om in de kamer te zwieren en weer terug te brengen:-).

  2. I can't say that the Lanvin collection is all to my taste, but that necklace is quite cute!

    p.s. the brownies in your last post look amazing
    p.p.s. im a new follower



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