Lusting for the Holidays

Natalia K by Pierre Dal Corso for Zink Holiday 2010

Just wanted to share these beautiful inspirational photo's with you. I love the knitted shorts, the fur, the polkadots, the way they used lingerie as part of the outfit, I love it all..!!

All pics by fashiongonerogue

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  1. wow cant believe it I have these pics saved from fgr too- absolutely stunning I love the colours, textures, models, detailing. So mice to see them posted! Just reading back on the posts and you managed to get the lanvinxhm necklace I was desperate for!!! how amazing!!!!!Katie.xx

    fashion clocked

  2. They're the best inspiration-pics aren't they!!
    The necklace was sold out that day but they restocked in the morning I was so happy :D Can't wait for it to arrive!

    Have a lovely weekend sweetie!

    xx Daphne

  3. What a great photos! Thanks for sharing! I love that red fur jacket so mutch!!^^

  4. these, are, stunning!!!



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