The sky is falling down..

The first snow has fallen last night and it is beautiful..!! Everything looks so pretty and quiet like the world is covered with a soft white blanket. I love dressing up in wintery knits and a complete outfit in angelic like colors as soon as the first snowflake touches the ground. But as I was thinking about what to wear, and I knew I wanted to wear my grey coat with oversized hoodie, I felt it needed nothing else but an all black outfit to go with it! To give it a little edge I put it together with my cut-out top and suspender tights.

xx Daphne

Grey Coat - Zara
Cut-out Top - 8mm
Suspender Tights - Henry Holland
Black Leather Clogs - Cafe Moda

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  1. hi honey, thanks for leaving such a cute comment on my blog!!
    would love to have u as my follower!!!

    KISSES julia


  2. hello girl! i'm watching over blogs and I found you!
    love it! above all because you love cooking like me!!

    i'm now your follower and i would be happy if you will follow me back!

    besitos Morositas


  3. wow girl, I admire you wearing clogs for that snow :)) and I love it!

    kisses, Watching the waves


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