Something old, something new.

I've never been that girl that finds great vintage stuff and I always kinda envied those who do. But never the less I always keep browsing the net, and try to find good vintage shops wherever I am, you can't blame a girl for trying right ;) Well the other day, during one of my vintage searches,  I stumbled upon this great vintage medium brown colored, real leather clutch! I was so happy, love the golden detail in the left corner!
Also I bought this brown felt fedora and again, I'm loving the golden detail..!!

Brown leather Clutch - Vintage
Brown felt Hat - WE


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  1. I just got my big rim wool hat a week ago and i find myself wearing it with everything. also great bag.


  2. Ahh, ik hou van leer. Dus je leren tas vind ik nu al geweldig.
    Ik hou ook van hoeden, maar ik heb er nog geen. Ik moet er nog aan wennen. Ik ben heel benieuwd hoe het bij jou staat.


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