Gold, golden, goldest..

I knew I wanted something festive on my nails for the upcoming holidays. Which means it has to be shimmery or glittery and preferably both! While I started my quest for the perfect holiday-polish, these where the ones that I really liked and was planning to go out and buy. (well, at least one of them ;).

But when I took a small look in my nail polish box, I found my gold glitter polish from last year that I bought at Hema (dutch department store) and wondered if it was still any good. I wasn't too happy with it the first 3 layers, but after 8 (!) layers it totally gives me that sparkly holiday look I was going for!!

1. W.I.C. 126 Florence
2. OPI Sparkle-icious
3. W.I.C. 127 Salamanca
4. OPI Bring on the bling

Do you also get cravings for all things sparkly as the holidays are coming closer?

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  1. Pretty cool! Shame you needed 8 layers though!

    I really want the OPI Sparkle-icious, although I wonder how often I'd actually wear it :)

    x Christine @ http://fancifulvision.blogspot.com

  2. Wow great blog! Like the nailpolishes! I'm in love with all the glitterly nailpolishes. My sister and I have a box with a lot of nailpolishes and I bought a great pink glitter topcoat for the holidays. I use a silver basecoat :)

    Going to follow your blog, would you like to visit mine :)


  3. Very Xmassy nails indeed.



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