Love Lanvin

Finally! My very much awaited H&M package arrived this Tuesday and I was sooo excited :) It felt different opening it this time, 'cause I knew it wasn't just a knew knitted sweater or pair of jeans, it was my one and only Lanvin x H&M purchase : The Red Necklace!


Did you get your Lanvin x H&M orders yet? Or did you decided to take a pass?

Love, Daphne

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  1. I passed but that necklace does look stunning, can't wait to see it on you.


  2. Haha so stupid but I just got so excited scrolling down your pics to see what you had bought from H&M. I'm skint this month so I never bought anything :( but your necklace is amazing!! Jealous x

  3. Hey darling! Today I went to H&M here in Rome, and I was so surprised when the employer told me that all articles of lanvin collection were overe already the first day that they exposed them!!!
    I was almost crying!!!!! Do you know where I could buy lanvin items?! Tnks so much!!

  4. Thanks for your comment on my blog (about the ASOS shoes!) Ik heb dezelfde ketting! EN een jurkje :) Love it!


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