Please keep me warm!

It is seriously getting colder everyday! The days I wore my open-toe wedges and sat down the beach in my bikini couldn't feel further away right now.. Already I've added 2 wintercoats to my collection, but the way it's looking right now I'll be needing a lot more then 2 to survive this cold weather that awaits us..!! I'm thinking about adding a bit more boyfriend-looking-boxy coat to my winterwardrobe. They're perfect for lots of layering underneath which is gonna be a necessity with these temperatures. Here are some from Zara that I'm eying at the moment :

ps. What do you think of this look from the Zara Evening Lookbook? I can very much see myself wearing this during the holidays.

xx Daphne

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  1. I saw this. Zara evening is pretty good. I can see myself wearing few things. Maybe everything :)

  2. second coat for me please ;)
    DaisyLine from http://daisyline.blogspot.com/

  3. ze zijn allemaal mooi, maar de eerste heeft zo'n mooie kleur!


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