Sunday Select

Just some random pics from this weekend.

I love looking at the birds in my garden especially when it snows! I also made some detail-shots of my outfit from Saturday since I haven't been able to take proper outfit shots as the days are getting shorter and shorter while christmas comes nearer!! The last photo is with my pet bunny ZoefZoef, he lives indoors with us and sometimes forgets he's a rabbit and act all dog-like coming up to us to cuddle and wants to play :)
Hope you've all had a lovely weekend!

Love, Daphne
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  1. Aw looked like a nice weekend!! I have a bunny too called Bailey, he's the opposite though and hates being cuddled :( at least he enjoys having his head rubbed....but that's about it haha

  2. oh zoefzoef is so cute! how do you pronounce it?
    love the shot of you from behind, its so snowy & just lovely!


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