Sunday Select

  • Power shortage in the beginning of this week and I'm lighting EVERY candle I can find in the house!
  • Turned out to be some snow in the extention cord from the outside christmas lights so the bf fixed it as soon as he came home ;) hihi..
  • We've had lots and lots of snow and foggy weather this week which gives such a magical feeling when you go outside I think.
  • Went to the Serious Request glass-house in Eindhoven with friends to support the radio dj's who stay inside the house for 6 days without eating to raise money for a good cause.
  • Actually got to give money to my favourite dj Gerard Ekdom even though I didn't think we could get through the crowd, it was soooo packed with people there! But then again that was kinda nice 'cause you didn't feel the cold as much :P
  • Christmas arrived and was lots of fun!
  • Lots of presents under the tree all still wrapped up wondering which ones are mine ;)
  • Made some nice warm cinnamon twists..!!
  • And of course unwrapping aaall the beautiful presents with my family!
I really enjoyed this christmas! It was so nice spending it with family, having amazing dinners, laughing and today unwrapping presents. I will show you what I got real soon!

How did you spend your christmas?

xxx Daphne

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  1. Wauw wat een gezelligeheid! En wat heb je daar een mooi jurkje aan op de laatste foto! krijgen we daar nog een outfitpost van? ;)


  2. Thanks mop! Het waren ook echt'n paar gezellige dagen..!! Ik doe morgen'n outfitpost van de jurkjes dus komt goed :D


  3. what a beautiful christmas dress! that colour is gorgeous on you. & love all your chrissie piccies! your tree with all the presents under it is so lovely & the snowy pictures are gorg.x

  4. Leuke foto's! En dat groene jurkje uit de post hierboven is super mooI!!



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