Wishlist Knitwear

It seems like it's gonna be cold for quite some time so a few extra knits will be very welcome to my wardrobe! Finding the right knit turned out to be a lot harder than I thought.

For me it has to have the right "chunkyness" which is chunky bit still flowy, and the neckline has to be just wide enough, there is the color and let's not forget it has to have that something special you always look for in a new piece of clothing.

After searching several regular shops and almost every shop online it came down to these 6 that I really like from Topshop :

  • Knitted Slouchy Stitch Jumper 40.00 Pound
  • Camel Knitted Rib Short Jumper 38.00 Pound 
  • Gold Knitted Foil Rib Jumper 65.00 Pound
  • Knitted Rose Metallic Patchwork Top 65.00 Pound
  •  Knitted Rose Laddered Chain Jumper 45.00 Pound
  • Handknit Winter White Chunky Cable Jumper 150.00 Pound
 Love, Daphne

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  1. I will go for Gold Knitted Foil Rib Jumper 65.00 Pound!!!!!

    Moeilijk om een trui online te bestellen, je kan niet voelen, passen en dergelijke.


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