AIFW Hunkemöller Fashion Show 2011

While making this post it is slowly sinking in that I actually attended the Hunkemöller Fashion Show last night.. It was everything I hoped it to be and more! I was extremely excited and to be honest a bit nervous, it's not everyday you get to do something you've dreamed of for a very long time.

The show was gorgeous, amazing music combined with artistic video footage shown on large screens all over the venue just took the show to a whole other level. It went so well with the feminine 40's 50's inspired collection with lots of lace, feathers, black and nudes. The models strutted the runway wearing bright pink bob-length wavy wigs and walking on dazzling high heels.

One of the songs played during the show was Adele's - Rolling in the deep. I have been listening to this version non-stop and it immediately takes me back to last night and gives me goosebumps all over again!

Love, Daphne

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Sunday Select

  • Decided to go and make some cupcakes on my day off, and for me the best part about cupcakes is the decorating part! I found these amazing toppings and couldn't decide which one would look (and taste) best so I took them both home with me.
  • My boyfriend is very busy studying for his exams this week so my best friend and I decided to go out for some outfitpics instead. We came across this really cool location that is actually just a few minute drive from my house.
  • It is freeze-your-butt-off cold again here in Holland, and although I really hoped we where done with winter, it has come back in it's full glory!
  • A little sneekpeak from the outfit shots, stay tuned for more :)

And last but not least I am super excited because today I'm going to Amsterdam for AIFW. It is gonna be my first time actually attending fashion week since I am invited for the Hunkemoller catwalkshow!
I feel so lucky and couldn't believe it the first time I saw the invitation. There is also lot's of great stuff going on in downtown Amsterdam so the bf and me are leaving home early to go and have a look there. Hopefully I'll see some of you there!

Have a great week lovelies,
xxx Daphne

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Sharp lines + Splashes of color

Gisule Bundchen photographed by Regan Cameron

                 pics from fashiongonerogue

How amazingly beautiful are these pictures!
I am so inspired to try out one of these looks in a more toned down version.
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The love continues..

I love the color combination of red and camel. You've seen me wear it here and here. They look amazingly chique and complement each other in the most gorgeous way! Since I'm not the only one with a red/camel fascinatoin I wanted to share with you some of my favourite looks :

Clockwise : llymlrs, sixfeetfromtheedge, justlikesushi, intriguemenow, llymlrs,
thischicksgotstyle, justlikesushi, elinkling

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These bags want introduction!

You've already seen these bags here and here but I really felt they deserve some proper introduction. The first one is this darkbrown, leather, medium-sized handbag. I immediately fel in love with the goldware on it! The way the handles are attached to the bag give it such a luxurious feeling, just as the gold button in the middle which you have to press to open the midsection of the bag. Love It.

The second one is a black, leather, briefcase-type bag. I've been searching for one for quite some time now and as soon as I saw it, I knew it was coming home with me! Really like the kinda 'man-going-to-work' vibe it has going on and it also reminds me of some sort of collage-type bag, which immediately makes me wanna put on my pleated skirt, white socks and a pair of nerdy glasses ;)

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Just HAD to share this recipe with you!

Homemade rustic Tomato Ketchup

This recipe is for 1 person, so if you want to make more just simply multiply times the number of persons you'll make it for, it's that easy ;)

I'm gonna share with you one of my favourite and easiest Jamie Oliver-inspired recipe that is perfect for a snack, lunch or a small dinner. You will need :

2 tomatoes
3 leaves of fresh basil
1 tablespoon of dark muscovado sugar
drop of olive-oil to grease the pan
little bit of sambal
little bit of pepper
(and some bread, toast or just a spoon to eat it right out of the pan ;)

Step 1 : Chop up the tomatoes and basil, don't bother doing it very nicely, as long as it's chopped!

Step 2 : Put the olive oil in a hot pan and put in the tomatoes, keep tossing them around every few seconds.

Step 3 :  Add a little bit of sambal to the tomatoes.

Step 4 : Add the fresh basil.

Step 5 : Then add the brown sugar and keep stirring it all around.

Step 6 : Keeeep stirring untill it becomes a salsa-like substance and add a bit of pepper to your taste.

Step 7 :  You are done! Sit back, relax, and enjoy your homemade rustic tomato ketchup! :)

ps. It also tastes great with some sliced cheese on your toast before topping it with the warm ketchup, yumm!!

Bon Apetit!
xxx Daphne

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City of light..

Last weekend we went to Eindhoven, also called the City of Light. It is amazing for nighttime photography but during the daytime it is also very good for some amazing shopping!

Ofcourse I had to stop at Zara and try on some things. Didn't went for the red skinnies 'caus they didn't tick all the boxes that I'm searching for in the perfect red skinny, so the search continues :)

This time I discovered a shop called Doortje Vintage, I have heard lots of good things about it so it was about time to go and check it out myself! I found myself shopping in bag-heaven as I said out loud setting my first steps thru the door. I went home with 2 leather bags and the green/brown felt hat from the previous post but will be coming back soon for more vintage-treasures..!!
You can check out their webshop at http://www.doortje-vintage.com/

I am trying to build up a list of some good quality vintage-adresses and I know a lot of you like to keep your secret treasure shops to yourselves (which I can totally understand ;) But I will try to keep you guys updated about these much searched for go-to places!

Love, Daphne

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