City of light..

Last weekend we went to Eindhoven, also called the City of Light. It is amazing for nighttime photography but during the daytime it is also very good for some amazing shopping!

Ofcourse I had to stop at Zara and try on some things. Didn't went for the red skinnies 'caus they didn't tick all the boxes that I'm searching for in the perfect red skinny, so the search continues :)

This time I discovered a shop called Doortje Vintage, I have heard lots of good things about it so it was about time to go and check it out myself! I found myself shopping in bag-heaven as I said out loud setting my first steps thru the door. I went home with 2 leather bags and the green/brown felt hat from the previous post but will be coming back soon for more vintage-treasures..!!
You can check out their webshop at http://www.doortje-vintage.com/

I am trying to build up a list of some good quality vintage-adresses and I know a lot of you like to keep your secret treasure shops to yourselves (which I can totally understand ;) But I will try to keep you guys updated about these much searched for go-to places!

Love, Daphne

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  1. Did you buy these camel trousers with zippers? They look cool..
    Thank voor the link, I got hooked up))

    Fetishist's Notes - www.fetishists-notes.com

  2. Je eerste ontmoeting met Doortje!
    Mooie hoed, trouwens. Ik moet maar weer eens de winkel bezoeken blijkbaar.


  3. Wat een super leuke foto's. En wat zijn die tassen GEWELDIG!!!


  4. You always take such great photos. I liked the red trousers but I know what you mean, they have to tick all the boxes ;) Jack Wills did an amazing pair last year. I wish I had bought a pair xx

  5. That gilet is awesome! I like all these looks x

  6. i like your fitted leather jacket <3


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