Just HAD to share this recipe with you!

Homemade rustic Tomato Ketchup

This recipe is for 1 person, so if you want to make more just simply multiply times the number of persons you'll make it for, it's that easy ;)

I'm gonna share with you one of my favourite and easiest Jamie Oliver-inspired recipe that is perfect for a snack, lunch or a small dinner. You will need :

2 tomatoes
3 leaves of fresh basil
1 tablespoon of dark muscovado sugar
drop of olive-oil to grease the pan
little bit of sambal
little bit of pepper
(and some bread, toast or just a spoon to eat it right out of the pan ;)

Step 1 : Chop up the tomatoes and basil, don't bother doing it very nicely, as long as it's chopped!

Step 2 : Put the olive oil in a hot pan and put in the tomatoes, keep tossing them around every few seconds.

Step 3 :  Add a little bit of sambal to the tomatoes.

Step 4 : Add the fresh basil.

Step 5 : Then add the brown sugar and keep stirring it all around.

Step 6 : Keeeep stirring untill it becomes a salsa-like substance and add a bit of pepper to your taste.

Step 7 :  You are done! Sit back, relax, and enjoy your homemade rustic tomato ketchup! :)

ps. It also tastes great with some sliced cheese on your toast before topping it with the warm ketchup, yumm!!

Bon Apetit!
xxx Daphne

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  1. Jammie, wanneer kan ik langskomen;-)?!


  2. This looks delicious! Thank you for sharing this recipe!!

    Kirstin Marie

  3. Oh, Wow! Yummy! It looks so simple to make. Thank you! xoxoxoo

  4. This is amazing! It looks great, I will definitely try this one! x

  5. ..looks delicious ..will definately try to make it ..

  6. delicious and so simple to make - i would of never known!! xx well done :)



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