Should, or shouldn't....

Yes, I was browsing all the online shops again ;) But what are you gonna do when all the designer selling online-stores are having major sales on EVERYTHING! When I showed these gorgeous amazing, ticking all my boxes boots to the bf he was like, yeah there nice but nothing special.. NOTHING SPECIAL..??!!

O dear god, let's just keep it with the fact that he's a man and he just doesn't have that shoe-lusting hormone we have.. Now these make me think, should I pay a little extra then say I was to buy the Senso or JC's and get these beauties?

Alexander Wang - Addison Leather Boots now reduced from €752,89 to €225,86 (!) via net-a-porter

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  1. euhmmmm i think you should if you could!
    gelukkig heeft die een beetje platform haha

  2. Ooooooeeeeeiii, mooie schoenen. Als je centjes hebt KOPEN.

  3. Did you buy them?? They're on final sale with additional 20% off for 180EU! I got me a pair and also the black bandage.. couldn't resist the price..

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