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I hadn't baked something in such a long time! With all the holidays and other things, it kinda moved to the background, so I really thought it was time to try something new again and I went for Cigarettes Russes using this recipe.

I have made cookies before, but never have I made thin waffle-like ones like these and I gotta say, they weren't easy to make ;)  They look so easy and simple, and I will appreciate them so much more next time I buy them in a store!! As many times when I try out a new recipe, I lack at reading it thoroughly before starting and so this time it happened that I was counting on freshly baked cookies in half an hour, the recipe told me to refrigerate the batter for at least (!) 2 hours.. So slight change of plans there ;)

In the end though, they came out nice, warm and crisp, and where the perfect addition to my cup of hot chocolate! Or Latte Macchiato, or Tea, or....

Love, Daphne

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  1. oooh they look so delicious! im cooking tea tonight & i cannot wait :) & im thinking of making a sweet treat.. chocolate peppermint slice mm mm.x

  2. Hmmmm, now I am hungry! Looks delicious!


  3. Mmmm! Mijn oma had ze ook gemaakt dit jaar! ze waren echt heerlijk :) Maar dat met chocola is een dubbel pluspunt xD


  4. Ohhh ik krijg er helemaal trek van als ik er naar kijk! :) yumyum!



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