Sunday Select

First of all I want to wish you guys a  VERY HAPPY AND AMAZING NEW YEAR and I hope it will bring you lots of wonderfull things..!! I don't really make any new year's resolutions 'cause they usually have a tendency to fail ;) But I have made a commitment with myself to keep on trying to approach everything from the positive side of things and to cherish the amazing and lovely people that are around me.

For this week, these are my sunday selects :

  • One of my Christmas presents, Burberry the Beat perfume. 
  • Some more of my Christmas gifts : I got an amazing wake-up light from my bf and I LOVE IT! Makes me sleep (and wake up ;) so much better, thank you honey :). Some lovely cranberry scented stuff from the Body Shop, the sweetest silver ring that I got from my mom and a delicious food related package from the Oil & Vinegar, yumm!
  • A few outfit details.
  • Drinking tea out of my new double-walled tea glasses which I think look so cool!
  • Doing some shopping in Antwerp and celebrating NYE in Mechelen Belgium.
  • Having an amazing sunday with the boy just driving around going places really nearby we've just never looked before 'cause you live so close to it, but are so much fun!
  • And we just had to stop for some hot coco and cup of tea :D
Really hope you've enjoyed your weekend and had a lovely time celebrating nye!

xxx Daphne

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  1. A nice week you have! Happy positive 2011.

    Fijn die theekop, je verbrand je handjes er niet meer aan.


  2. you were so close to fireworks, you got such a fabulous shop! & how sweet of your mum, that ring is gorgeous.
    totally digging those super cool stockings too & the tea cup is so trippy.

    happy new year hun!x



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