Sunday Select

  • Chopping up pecan nuts for the white'n dark chocolate cake I was baking.
  • Our cuuute pet rabbit ZoefZoef laying totally relaxed on the rug watching The Dogwhisperer on tv.   ( We LOVE that show! )
  • Going to the cinemas to see the movie Love & other drugs, which I gotta say didn't go at all as I thought. But it was no disappointment to say the least, I was moved, and yes I cried a tiny bit ;)
  • What's movies without popcorn!
  • I always try catching them with my mouth ( I feel like such a kid sometimes ;) but decided to put this photo instead of the one seeing me make a fool of myself  failing to catch the 11th popcorn in a row!
  • A late Sunday morning breakfast with the chocolatecake I made and some freshly made cinnamon french toast, a great way to start off this rainy grey Sunday. 

It is Amsterdam fashion week this week and I am so excited to be going downtown on Saturday so maybe I'll be seeing some of you soon! Have a great week..!!

Love, Daphne

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  1. Je haar is echt super geworden! Mooie fotos ook!

  2. woah kinda shocked at first...saw the big knife...and next picture the rabbit :|
    hmmm some dinner that would be i thought.
    thank god i always read the text in blogposts.

    x Xavie
    weet niet waarom ik niet gewoon in NL heb getypt haha

  3. Great blog (again)!
    Beautiful pictures and delicious food :-)

    Too bad I won't be in Amsterdam next saturday, but I hope you wil have a freat day!
    You Fashion-Diva ;-)

    Love, Leendert

  4. whahaha!! That sounded so much better in English :D I didn't think about it that way but now you've said I can't "not" see it anymore!
    But maybe more people will read the text below this time :P hihi..

  5. Popcorn in de bios = a biiig NO-NO! lol, remind me never to go with you ;)

    Je ontbijtje ziet er heerlijk uit! En ik vind the Dog whisperer ook geweeeldig haha :D Ik ken echt niemand die dat ook kijkt! `

  6. i always enjoy your sunday select!
    love that skirt youre wearing & your bunny is soooo cute. how do you pronounce his name?
    & that breakfast looks sooooo yummy!!x


  7. Aww I love all these photos. Especially your cute little bunny, so sweet. My rabbit Bailey lies down like that too xx

  8. Super cuuuuuute rabbit!! He's too adorable! I just sent the link to your post to my friend who loves rabbits))
    Great photos, loved your outfit and seing Pathe board motivated me to go to movies as well)

    Hope you have great week!

    Fetishist's Notes - www.fetishists-notes.com

  9. Uhhhmmmm yummy!! Everything looks so delish!! Die wentelteefjes wil ik ooook!!! Maar ik mag geen suiker :( Voor een tijdje dan!


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