Sunday Select

  • Decided to go and make some cupcakes on my day off, and for me the best part about cupcakes is the decorating part! I found these amazing toppings and couldn't decide which one would look (and taste) best so I took them both home with me.
  • My boyfriend is very busy studying for his exams this week so my best friend and I decided to go out for some outfitpics instead. We came across this really cool location that is actually just a few minute drive from my house.
  • It is freeze-your-butt-off cold again here in Holland, and although I really hoped we where done with winter, it has come back in it's full glory!
  • A little sneekpeak from the outfit shots, stay tuned for more :)

And last but not least I am super excited because today I'm going to Amsterdam for AIFW. It is gonna be my first time actually attending fashion week since I am invited for the Hunkemoller catwalkshow!
I feel so lucky and couldn't believe it the first time I saw the invitation. There is also lot's of great stuff going on in downtown Amsterdam so the bf and me are leaving home early to go and have a look there. Hopefully I'll see some of you there!

Have a great week lovelies,
xxx Daphne

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  1. wooooo! the fashion show will be so awesome for you, cant wait to see all your piccies. have you decided what to wear?
    your cupcakes look so delicious, makes me want some now!!
    goodluck to your bf.x


  2. Jouw post op zondag is gewoon keer op keer geweldig :)


  3. Ziet er super lekker uit. Jammie..


  4. those cupcakes look awesome!!

  5. Those cupcakes look so yummie nd i love your skirt!

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