There's a first for everything.

Thank you dear DHL-delivery guy for coming back the next day and bringing me my Mywardrobe package..!! When I came home yesterday and found a note in my mail saying they had come to my door and left since I wasn't home I was a little disappointed 'cause I was reeeally looking forward to my first Mywardrobe.com order ever!

But this morning my doorbell went and there they were, my Forrest&Bob pocket T's in charcoal and white! They are more sheer than I thought, but they feel so soft and kinda silky. They are the perfect beginning of a quality basics-section in my wardrobe and I already love them ..!!

ps Don't you just love their amazing luxury packaging! <3

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  1. that package looks like so much time was taken! cant wait to see you wearing them!x

  2. aww it looks like a pressent! how sweet is that!


  3. eyy daph, dankjewel :D!

    en leuk he die orders haha.
    ben benieuwd met wat je ze gaat dragen.

    jij ook heel fijn weekend!

    x Xaaf

  4. Je eerste aankoop bij my-wardrobe! Bijna te mooi om open te maken. Outfit-pic graag!

  5. Ik zat er ook naar te kijken maar hoe zijn ze in het echt? erg doorzichtig of valt dat wel mee?
    Alleen het pakketje is al leuk om te krijgen =D



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