Three's a charm..

Some newbies that I haven't properly shown you yet :

Black platform pumps - New Look  //  Brown leather buckled shoes - Sacha  //  Leopard loafers - Zara

I'm glad I found some nice flat shoes, since I think they're the hardest to find. High heels just seem to magically appear in my closet all the time, as for flat shoes I have to search and try on many many pairs!

Of course I couldn't resist and brought some nice black suede(ish) pumps home with me from my shoppingtrip to Antwerp and I can't wait till the weather turns nicer so I can wear them with my bare feet, which just looks that little bit better I think!

Love, Daphne

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Thanks sweeties!


  1. Great items. I adore the leopard loafers! I need some leopard shoes in my wardrobe.

  2. I so wanted to get the leopard flats on sale, but couldn't find them anywhere anymore. So *envy*! :)

    x Christine

  3. Those pumps are amazing! Love the leopard shoes!

  4. im a tiny bit in lust over those suede ankle boots,, i need a pair like that come winter!x
    im already following you lovely :)

  5. i saw another blogger w/ beautiful shoes from New Look. is that a store on its own or a brand within a department store? im dying for pumps like that!


  6. ahhh i loveee all of them!! i feel the same as you - finding nice flats is much harder sometimes.
    love your blog, im a new follower xx


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