Sunday Select

  • Having this delicious brownie at The Chocolate Company while taking a small break from shopping.
  • Everything there looks amazing, even my tea came in this cute little box that had the story of the flavour you chose written inside.
  • A canal in Den Bosch.
  • I came across these two very sweet horses that stood there looking gorgeous with their grey hair and wise look in their eyes. Beautiful!
  • Tapas-plate for a movie afternoon with friends.
  • The only good thing about these very, very rainy days lately, is that I get to take out my pretty umbrella again :)
Have an amazing week!
Love, Daphne

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Orange bliss, orange it is

Comfort on a busy Saturday! We had lots of things to do today and many places to go, so I needed something with flat shoes that would take me around quickly and just an easy messy bun to keep the hair out of my face (always a necessity on busy days..)

I gotta say I absolutely love my new coat. Have been wearing it almost all week and love it's boxy, long, oversized, furry-ness ;) I kinda have a weak spot for oversized coats with tights or skinnies underneath, just love the contrast of the two! And ofcourse the not-to-miss orange scarf. Bought it yesterday and I'm crazy over this color, have a feeling this is gonna be one of my favourite items the upcoming season <3

Coat - Topshop // orange Scarf - Zara // Blouse (worn as dress) - H&M Trend  
Shoes - Converse // Bag - H&M (old) // Sunnies - Ray Ban

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Back to the way it was

Yay! I know this might sound silly to you, but I was so happy that I could do my (former usual, almost daily) updo again. I cut my hair 2 years ago from quite long to a short blunt bob and even though I really liked it back then, I've been growing it out and saving for long locks again.

One of the things I liked to do with my long hair was this beehive-very big volume-messy'ish updo and being able to do that again makes me feel a little bit like a long haired girl again :)

About my look, I'm trying to rediscover things in my wardrobe that I haven't worn in a long time such as this dress by Supertrash. It's a really thick, double layered dress and just perfect for these transitional days in between seasons. All neutrals, but with bright coral nails for that little pop of color!

wool cape - Mango // dress - Supertrash // knitted waistcoat - Vero Moda  
belt - Cowboysbelt (borrowed from the bf) // wedges - Asos

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Where the HEART is..

Nothing very fashion-related, but still, pretty things to look at! Ever since we bought a house a couple of months ago I have been looking for all kinds of home-decorating inspiration. It is a new build property so I still have lots of time to figure everything out, but it never hurts to start looking right!

I tend to go for a more classic/romantic style like the pictures above, but lately I've also come to like a more scandinavian/minimalistic interiour and deffinitely wanna give that a try in our bedroom. Clean, simple and just a place to clear your mind. Might have to take that style up on some more rooms now I think of it..

Love, Daphne

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Yes please!

Not much to say.. I've resisted them for a loooong time, never expected me to fall in love with them.
But it happened anyway, head-over-heels, can't eat can't sleep, real L.O.V.E.!

Since they retail for €370,-  it's not something to take lightly, but I am very much afraid that they will make it to my wardrobe this year one way or the other..

Lots of love, Daphne

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Feminine vs Rough Denim

I love mixing two extremes together in one outfit. For example these destroyed jeans put together with this silky white top and very feminine pink satin like blazer.

I have never worn them like this, always during the summer with some flipflops, a basic white tank and some very bright colored nails!  But dressing them up this way was lots of fun and I can't wait to wear them with my open-toe high heels this summer. And yes I know, they are extremely oversized and very destroyed, but I love them even more for it <3

 Trench  + Destroyed boyfriend Jeans - H&M Divided  //  Blazer - H&M Trend
V-neck pocket Tee - Forrest&Bob via MyWardrobe  // Heels - Asos
Sunnies - Ray Ban

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