Candy Caned

Fluorescent pink, spring green, vibrant orange, electric blue..
All bright colors we're seeing for spring at the moment. A trend I could really see myself going for are these candy cane colored pants. I'm craving a bright red one for quite some time now but still haven't found the perfect pair.

I think these would look great dressed up with some killer heels, strong blazer and a statement necklace just as well as dressed down with some flats and a perfect white tee.

Love, Daphne

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  1. I've got my eye on the bright blue or orange Zara pants! Hope the fit is okay! :)

  2. Wow these are gorgeous just wish i had the right colouring and figure to pull them off! :o)

  3. ouhh this is nice...
    yeah the red one is awesome..
    love it too.. =)


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