Like a walk in the park

Sunday afternoon, the sun is finally showing itself after a few rainy and very drooly days and the temperature was nice enough to go outside just wearing my leather jacket again. For me spring can begin and it can't start soon enough!

Sometimes Sunday's can feel more chic than other days of the week, I'm guessing this comes from when I was just a little girl and got to wear my 'pretty dress' on Sunday and felt like a princess all day long. This last Sunday that feeling came back to me and I decided to take out my pretty bag, pretty dress and pretty shoes to channel my inner-princess :)

Leather Jacket - Vero Moda Jeans  //  Dress - Zara  //  Leopard Cardigan - H&M  // 
Oversized Clutch - Asos  //  Heels - New Look

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  1. really pretty, love the leopard top, so chic!

  2. I love everything you put together here, beautiful styling!

  3. ooohh wat gaaf het vestje eroverheen zo!! n je haar matched leuk erbij in een knot! leuk schat. xkuss

  4. en de kleur van je clutch erbij helemaal perfect!

  5. oh em gee, I love this! So cute :)


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