Where the HEART is..

Nothing very fashion-related, but still, pretty things to look at! Ever since we bought a house a couple of months ago I have been looking for all kinds of home-decorating inspiration. It is a new build property so I still have lots of time to figure everything out, but it never hurts to start looking right!

I tend to go for a more classic/romantic style like the pictures above, but lately I've also come to like a more scandinavian/minimalistic interiour and deffinitely wanna give that a try in our bedroom. Clean, simple and just a place to clear your mind. Might have to take that style up on some more rooms now I think of it..

Love, Daphne

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  1. I love this! I'm re-decorating my apartment and this was nice inspiration :) love your blog! check out mine if you have the time.


  2. I cant wait for me and my fiance to move out next year so we can start decorating our dream home! This post just made me want to move out now! :o) xx


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