Today I swear I'm not doing anything


This is what I wore on Sunday, well actually it's the third thing I wore on Sunday.. We had some things to do in the morning and the first two combinations just 'didn't feel right'. Do you know that feeling? You like everything you have on, but still there's this feeling of  : I gotta change clothes NOW.

Well this was one of those days and I realised I was just in a sort of loungy, laidback mood so I threw on my amazingly comfortable leopard harem pants, a soft tanktop and my golden knit to go with. Dressed it up with a large cuff and some wedges for the femine touch :) They almost walk like flats so there was nothing more standing in the way of a small afternoon walk in the forrest and some delicious pasta afterwards to end a perfect weekend.

 golden knit oversized sweater - H&M trend // leopard pants - Zara // wedges - Zara
rose gold cuff - Asos // sunnies - Ray Ban 

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Wishlist - everything for a lazy day

Imagine waking up early, seeing the sun peeking thru your curtains and hey, realising you have nowhere you have to be and nothing you have to do that day. If that where to happen to me let's say tomorrow, I'd wanne wear everything below and call up some friends for a nice day at the park with some fresh cucumber sandwiches and some real good music! 
1.sunglasses,Cutler and Gross  2.straw hat,Babbajaan 3.bag,Newbark 4.necklace,Alex Monroe 5.sandals,Reed Krakoff 6.jumpsuit,IRO

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Mrs.Floppy hat for the day.

Having this hat for over a year, I've never actually worn it outside. I bought it in a Zara sale last year and even though it's a bit on the big side, I love the chic ladylike feeling it gives you when wearing it.

Also wearing my 'new' vintage belt. Can you believe I snagged it for only 50 cents..?! I couldn't believe the guy telling me when I went to go pay for it. It's real leather and the details are amazing. Go's to show you can sometimes get pretty things for pretty prices.

maxi-skirt - H&M // belt - vintage // blouse - Mango //  ring - Ydeltuyt
floppy hat - Zara // sunnies - vintage

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Sunday Select

  • Apple-cinamon cupcakes fresh out of the oven, mmm.
  • How much more obvious can spring get, the cutest little lambs are jumping up and down in the fields everywhere you look. So cute!
  • For the first time this year having a drink outside on the terrace, such a nice feeling.
  • Not very much to see yet, but....they finally started the build of our house, yay :)
  • Quick visit to the forest for a nice afternoon walk.
  • My new phone. It is so fast and and I just love love love the way it works!

How was your week? Did you do anything fun or enjoy the beautiful weather?
Love, Daphne

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Girly day out

There is something special about wearing your boyfriends clothes. You know the way they look on him, and how 'rough and manly' they make him look. But it's a whole other story when you borrow them and dress 'em up with al your girly things ;)

For example these Wrangler jeans. They are my favourite ones on Pieter and I love the way he combines them with everything from a simple tee, to a crisp white button down shirt. Today I felt it was time they where going with me for a girly day out, with a polkadot top and some red heels. Hmm, maybe they like it this way and stay on my side of the closet..

leather jacket - Vero Moda Jeans // polkadot top - Zara 
jeans - Wrangler (borrowed from Pieter)
heels - H&M // cuff - Asos // scarf - diy

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Inspiration in between

ph. Jak & Jil

My jaw dropped when I saw Emmanuelle rocking these amazing flares! They are the purest perfection of the flared jeans that I have been looking for for sooo long. I kinda let my search for them move to the background, but when looking at this they have become top-priority again.

Mark my words : I will find the perfect pair of flare jeans! ;)

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Swept to the side

leather jacket - Vero Moda Jeans // orange scarf worn as skirt - Zara // tie dye top - diy
wedges - H&M // black scarf - diy

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Purchases - pretty things in the mail

I love receiving pretty things in the mail, I mean who doesn't right ;) So I was thrilled when my package with these gorgeous items arrived to my door.

Can you guess what they are?

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Bare for the first time

Bare legs for the first time this year. It felt so good to go out without any tights or leggings, for me bare legs are the ultimate summer feeling. It is so nice to feel the sun directly warming your skin and hopefully building up a nice tan for when the skirts get shorter ;)

I'm really fascinated by braids lately and decided to do a messy updo with all sorts of braids in between. With this feminine almost country-like hairdo I went for a very classic silhouette outfit to go with it. I've never worn this skirt as a dress before, but seeing it like this it just makes so much sense that I already know it will make the perfect strapless dress for when summer arrives!

maxi skirt worn as dress - Zara // wedges - Asos // v-neck tee - Forrest & Bob via Mywardrobe
blazer - H&M Trend // sunglasses - vintage // rings - by1oak + H&M

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New look, old blazer

A fuss free outfit for a fuss free day. This is what I wore on Saturday, a day of relaxing-blogging-doing some shopping-meeting up with friends-and most of all soaking up as much sun as I could that day!

I've decided to do a very quick and easy diy on my cream boyfriend blazer (worn here). I was thinking about it for quite some time now, but then I thought sometimes you just have to do things, experiment and see how they turn out, right :)

The idea was to dye it bright orange so I doubled the amount of dye to get a more intense color. 40 minutes and a big mess in the bathroom later this kinda faded orange, salmon-like colored blazer was the end result. I gotta say it is not like I intended it to be, but I definitely love this new look of my old blazer!

orange blazer - DIY // necklace - Mango // faux leather shorts - H&M 
heels - Zara // sunnies - Ydeltuyt

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