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Like many of you girls with me, and guys as well, I'm always looking for 'that' product that will satisfy all my needs and wants. Over the years I have tried loads of stuff, from cheap to very expensive and I can finally say I have found some essentials that I keep buying the second I'm running out of them.

I know everybody has different skintypes and preferences and I can only tell you what works great for me. So here they are, my Top 5 essentials :

1. Vichy Purete Thermale, cleansing milk and hydrating tonic.
They are the first thing I use in the morning, and the last thing I use at night. I have always been very precise about going to bed with a clean face. Even when I've been out all night and the only thing you wanna do is kick of your shoes and dive into bed, I drag myself into the bathroom and take of (what is left of) my make-up.

2. Vichy Aqualia Antiox, hydrating fluid.
This is my daily skincare I use before putting any make-up on. The great thing about it for me is that it has spf12-uva (gotta prevent those wrinkels while I still can right ;) I love that it protects your skin on a normal day from sun damage without having to wear a special sunblock. And, it has little reflecting particles in it, that give your skin a little glow and a more energetic look.

3. Body Shop, Vitamin C energising face spritz.
As it says on the bottle 'Instant pick-me up to tone, hydrate and refresh' and that is exactly what it does. I use it over my  make up, to tone down the powdered look. Or in the middle of the day to freshen up my skin and give it a little boost.

4. Label M, Honey & Oat shampoo and Moisturising conditioner.
These are my ab-so-lute favourites! I am not proud to say I've put my hair through a lot over the years, from coloring and bleaching to dreads and curling irons. Since I switched hairdressers 2 years a go I've also switched haircare and boy do I wish I've done that years a go. I know that they are quite expensive, but they have repaired my hair to its every fibre. Even when I decided to do a diy on the ombre hair a while back and actually damaged the ends again (not proud..) my shampoo & conditioner did their job perfectly and got my hair feeling silky and shiny again.

5. Lancôme, Hypnôse mascara.
This is the latest addition to my favourites. I think finding the right mascara can be a long, exhausting and quite expensive journey. I'm thinking about all the mascara's I've bought and only used once since I didn't like them but got seduced by the add or packaging.. But a year ago I hit jackpot. I've heard great things about this mascara and decided to give it a try. For me it is perfect, it gives you thick, full and long lashes, and that's just the thing I look for in a mascara. Last time I bought the Hypnôse Drama, it is supposed to be even more dramatic and full than the regular Hypnôse but I gotta say I don't really see the difference but I like the brush of the regular one better so will be buying my favourite and beloved Hypnôse again next time!

Hope you liked my list of favourites,
xxx Daphne

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  1. I absolutely want to try the Body Shop energizing spray, I love their products and sure could use an energizing product =) Thanks!


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