Ties, knots and a big messy bun.

Wearing my maxi-skirt in a different way this time. Since I'm a short girl and this is a looong skirt, I always belt it up a little bit but this time, with Sabrina as inspiration in the back of my mind, she did something similar last summer, I tried belting it up a bit more and I actually quite like the result of it. It became the perfect 'new-length' skirt for me without making any permanent changes to the skirt ( I have a history of taking length off of clothes and then regretting it the next day so this is the perfect solution for me!) 

I went for a simple grey top with a little twist on the back, to go with it that I tied in a little knot to the side for the right length. Some neon yellow nailpolish, and I was good to go! I'm actually really into neon nailpolishes at the moment, still looking for the perfect blue one so if you have any suggestions..

grey drop back top - Asos // maxi skirt - H&M // belt - Zara
high suede block heels - Asos

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  1. gaaf, die knallende nagellak! ben echt jaloers dat je die laarsjes hebt <3

  2. Looks lovely! How tall are you? I'm short too, they always say I should be very tall just because I'm Dutch. (I never know in what language I should write the comments, haha, I chose English this time).

  3. Great look! :)
    Where did you get your nail polish from?

  4. Love this outfit! The low u-back on the top is great and LOVE those grey shoes!! Am your new follower! Come check my blog out! Hope you like it enough to follow :)


  5. oehhh, waar is de nagellak vandaan als ik vragen mag? staat goed zo'n knalkleur! vooral ook omdat de rest van de outfit heel neutraal is, geeft echt een leuk contrast. heel mooi die open rug, kan je echt heel goed hebben!
    x M.

  6. Can I know How tall u are.... :)
    u can reply me at juzmelo.blogspot.com
    emel: lanvine21@yahoo.com
    thank u


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