Today I swear I'm not doing anything


This is what I wore on Sunday, well actually it's the third thing I wore on Sunday.. We had some things to do in the morning and the first two combinations just 'didn't feel right'. Do you know that feeling? You like everything you have on, but still there's this feeling of  : I gotta change clothes NOW.

Well this was one of those days and I realised I was just in a sort of loungy, laidback mood so I threw on my amazingly comfortable leopard harem pants, a soft tanktop and my golden knit to go with. Dressed it up with a large cuff and some wedges for the femine touch :) They almost walk like flats so there was nothing more standing in the way of a small afternoon walk in the forrest and some delicious pasta afterwards to end a perfect weekend.

 golden knit oversized sweater - H&M trend // leopard pants - Zara // wedges - Zara
rose gold cuff - Asos // sunnies - Ray Ban 

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  1. Love the golden knit! Good look girl


  2. The sweater is beautiful. I like the nail polish as well =)

  3. super mooi! ik wil heel graag now zo'n cuff, en ik vind de nagellak een leuk accent.

  4. That cuff is fantastic! Looks great with that H&M sweater!


  5. die sweater is echt praaaachtig! echt allemachtig prachtig gewoon! staat je onwijs mooi. en wat een leuke nagels weer!
    x M.

  6. Deze outfit is perfect voor mij. De trui, cuff, broek, nagellak, schoenen.. echt helemaal niets op aan te merken! Goed gedaan ;). Ik ken dat gevoel van 'Dit is wel oké, maar toch ga ik iets anders aantrekken.' Je weet niet waarom maar het moet gewoon!


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