7 inches from the midday sun

Our first outdoor dinner. Since we don't have a back garden, we always go the field at the back of our house to enjoy the sun and relax a bit. Yesterday we took our meal outside and made it into a little picknick with some lemonade, fruit and a huge blanket to sit on.

The weather forecast is very promising for this weekend. They say it's gonna be 28 degrees celsius, so officially the hottest days of this year so far. I'm gonna go and have a look in my closet right now 'caus there's so much I can't wait to wear, I'll better start deciding now ;)

polkadot top - Zara // maxi skirt - Zara // leather flats - from a random shop, have had them for ages!
sunnies - vintage

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  1. yay for sunny weather!! How lovely a dinner outside!! Here in Italy it is going to rain this weekend, I really hope it won't actually.
    Have a greaaat day =)

  2. Cant get enough of the sunny weather lately! I love your top

  3. Echt een prachtige outfit meis.

  4. oh thats such a cute little picnic! how blessed you are to be able to do something like that.
    28 degrees you lucky thing! our weather is starting to dip below that now :( x

  5. J'ai très envie de te ligoter et de me frotter contre ta jupe longue !!


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