Minty chocolate doubles

With the weather being all nice and warm, these refreshing cookies are the perfect afternoon treat! Even on lesser warm and cloudy days like this they are a true delight. I've planned on making these earlier, but didn't get round to it until this week.

What you will be needing for about 15 of these delights :

225 grams soft butter
140 grams light brown sugar
1 egg yolk slightly beaten
2 tablespoons vanilla extract
250 grams all purpose flour
25 grams cocoa powder
50 grams bigarreau cherries (chopped up)
120 grams dark chocolate (chopped up)
50 grams white chocolate (chopped up)
a pinch of salt

1. First of , mix together the butter and sugar in a bowl until creamy and add the egg yolk and vanilla extract. Sift the flower and cocoa powder and add to the mixture together with a pinch of salt and the cherries.

2. Make two balls out of the dough, wrap them in plastic foil and let them rest in the fridge for a bout 60 min.

3. Preheat the oven to 190C/374F. Take out the dough and roll it out in between two sheets of parchment paper and divide it into 6x6cm squares. Transfer the parchment paper with your squares on to a baking sheet and bake them in the oven for about 10-15 minutes.

4. Once taken out of the oven, put a dinner mint on top of half of them and place the other half on top of the dinner mint making a cookie sandwich. Do this while the cookies are still warm so the dinner mints start to melt a little and secure the two sides together.

5. When your cookie sandwiches are cooled off, melt the dark chocolate in a metal bowl over some simmering water.

6. Using a pastry brush, make sure your sandwiches are covered in chocolate, don't forget the sides ;) And let them cool off completely till the chocolate is solid.

7. Melt the white chocolate the same way you did the dark, and use it to make some decorative stripes on top of your minty chocolate sandwich. ( I forgot to buy the white chocolate, so I used white icing instead. Worked perfectly as well :)

For my taste these are the perfect cookies for the classic 'milk & cookies' combination, but they will taste delicious with whatever drink you like!

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  1. Dit ziet er gewoon te lekker uit haha

  2. omg they look really yummy. amazing!
    awesome blog girl!
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