Sunday Select

  • The two framed hearts hanging in our bedroom.
  • Nature comes up with the prettiest colors in flowers, I sure wouldn't mind a nice silk dress in this gorgeous pink color!
  • Buying the 'kiddy candy bag' and sharing it with the bf, ahhh true love ;)
  • So much fun going to the zoo and watching all the males fighting over one woman, trying to get her attention. Spring is definitely in the air.
  • Fascinated about the bees and the way they make delicious honey, I just can't get passed my fear of them when they get within 2 metres of me. They buzz and they sting, but they're also cute and provide the sweetest gold so it's a hate/love relationship for the time being.. 

I am very sorry guys for the delay of this post. I really try to post this every sunday, but due to a busy weekend and me not feeling very well, I wasn't able to post it until now. I do have some outfitposts waiting for you so stay tuned for them real soon :)

Have a great week everyone!
Love, Daphne

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  1. i love the lollies 'ears' they're sooo yummy!
    loving your two framed piccies too.x

  2. aah, heb ook een lekkere snoepzak naast me liggen; gevaarlijk, haha!


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