Maxi to Midi

This is what I wore for our afternoon shopping this last Saturday. Just an easy outfit with some flats, very important if you're running in and out shops for a few hours, and my 'new' midi skirt. It's actually my H&M maxi skirt worn here and here, but I really felt a calf length skirt would work better with this look so I cut the bottom part off and ta-da..my new skirt was born!

skirt - diy H&M // nude tee - Zara // belt - H&M // floral scarf - H&M (old)
leather jacket - Vero Moda jeans // sunglasses - H&M // ballet flats - random store

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Devil's Food

So here they are. My first attempt in trying to find the rich gorgeous cupcake with delicious frosting I am looking for. I have made cupcakes before, but always simple ones with a thin layer of glaze or nothing on top at all.

I didn't wanted to make plain ones and when I came across this recipe for Devil's Food cupcakes, I just knew these were gonna be the ones. They came out of the oven looking all beautiful and smelling absolutely delicious. Which made me wanna eat them right away, but thinking of the bigger picture (moist cupcakes with a lush layer of topping!) I put them aside and started on the frostings.

I always thought the creams, frostings or toppings for cupcakes came very precise and actually scared me a bit to begin with. Now I can say there was no need for that at-all! For the frostings I chose this cream cheese and this chocolate ganache one. I honestly can't say which one I liked better since they are both so very delicious in their own way, so I'll guess you just have to make them and find out for yourself :)

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Sunday Select

  • Last week I told you about the cupcakes we bought here. Because they where such a disappointment I went on a quest for gorgeous cupcake recipes and here is my first attempt in finding THE perfect cupcake. Big post on them coming up!
  • A small sneek peek of this weekend's outfit post.
  • One moment you still have about eight different perfumes, the other moment you're all out. This happened to me last week so I went out and bought two of my favourite summer fragrances.
  • Sightseeing shots of Den Bosch where we did some shopping last Saturday.
  • Delicious chocolate truffles we brought home frome the Chocolate Company.

Such busy days with fun and some less fun things in it, but in the end I would say I've had a good week this last one and I'm looking forward to this upcoming week since I've just heard it's gonna be up to 30 degrees(!) tomorrow. Let's hope so, I say welcome back sun!

Lots of love, Daphne

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Dress and Boots

Wanted something clean and simple to go with the almost architectural look of the shoes. I chose my linnen Zara dress that is so light and can be worn many ways that I'm sure it will be one of my favourites for this summer!

linnen dress - Zara // black lace worn as belt - craft store // boots - Acne pixel
linnen bag - doortje vintage

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It comes with pants

I have worn this jacket many times, seen here + here. But I've never taken out the pants even though I bought them together and they hang beautifully side by side in my closet. The reason for that is that I actually have some doubts about these pants.

Dislike the tapered cut of the pants, the way they start out wide and go slightly in at the bottom. Absolutely love the fabric and strong seam that makes it so chic and reminds me of pants that men used to wear in the 60's and looked stunning while doing so.

I guess my love for them takes the upper hand and I might even take them out all by themselves and leave the jacket at home for a day!

cropped jacket + wide legged pants - H&M trend // top + heels - Zara
silver clutch - H&M faa // lips - MAC lady danger

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Sunday Select

  • Some amazing looking cupcakes we bought the other day. Unfortunately, they didn't tasted nearly as delicious as they look and inspired me to go on a hunt for the perfect cupcake recipe and make some myself.
  • New scarf I bought at Zara's mens department. I just loved the color and print and had to take it home with me ;)
  • Emping crackers and lontong rice for the gado-gado (indonesian meal) my mom made us, mmm!
  • Bought these two basic tee's at Zara the other day. Love having a nude colored one along with my usual black and white basics.

Doing these sunday select posts make me realise how fast it becomes sunday again each week and that the day's just fly by in rapid speed. On a positive note, that also means that if time keeps flying by like this it will be December any time soon and we can start decorating our new house. Woot!

Love, Daphne

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Inspiration : YELLOW

Loving everything neon yellow at the moment. Especially in little accents like a bra strap peeking through, or the heels of these Jil Sander wedges.

How I would love to snap my fingers and change in to this outfit right now :)

1.Helmut Lang tank  2.Deborah Marquit bra  3.Orelia Rene bracelet  4.Jil Sander sandals 
5.Karen Millen pants

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See through Yellow

Thankgod for the boots + bag in this outfit, otherwise it would have been way to plain-jane for my taste. I was having a small outfit crisis that morning and you know what that means! Piles of clothes outside of the closet and nothing that can complement the way you feel that day..

Finally I decided to go for  a trusted pair of jeans, loose top and a leather jacket which is always my kind of "don't know what to wear today so I end up wearing this" outfit. My dad later on said he liked my casual look that day, even with the crazy shoes ;)

 jacket - Vero Moda Jeans // sweater - H&M men // laced hem tank - Vero Moda //
jeans - Mango // boots - Acne // bag - H&M faa

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