Devil's Food

So here they are. My first attempt in trying to find the rich gorgeous cupcake with delicious frosting I am looking for. I have made cupcakes before, but always simple ones with a thin layer of glaze or nothing on top at all.

I didn't wanted to make plain ones and when I came across this recipe for Devil's Food cupcakes, I just knew these were gonna be the ones. They came out of the oven looking all beautiful and smelling absolutely delicious. Which made me wanna eat them right away, but thinking of the bigger picture (moist cupcakes with a lush layer of topping!) I put them aside and started on the frostings.

I always thought the creams, frostings or toppings for cupcakes came very precise and actually scared me a bit to begin with. Now I can say there was no need for that at-all! For the frostings I chose this cream cheese and this chocolate ganache one. I honestly can't say which one I liked better since they are both so very delicious in their own way, so I'll guess you just have to make them and find out for yourself :)

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  1. Damnnnnnn! Die zien er zo goed uit! Heerlijk meis.


  2. Aaah ziet er echt heerlijk uit!! Yummmie

  3. hmmm that looks just sooo delicious!


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