It comes with pants

I have worn this jacket many times, seen here + here. But I've never taken out the pants even though I bought them together and they hang beautifully side by side in my closet. The reason for that is that I actually have some doubts about these pants.

Dislike the tapered cut of the pants, the way they start out wide and go slightly in at the bottom. Absolutely love the fabric and strong seam that makes it so chic and reminds me of pants that men used to wear in the 60's and looked stunning while doing so.

I guess my love for them takes the upper hand and I might even take them out all by themselves and leave the jacket at home for a day!

cropped jacket + wide legged pants - H&M trend // top + heels - Zara
silver clutch - H&M faa // lips - MAC lady danger

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  1. Heel leuke outfit! Ik ben pro 'broekpakken', je haar zit ook altijd zo leuk :).

  2. Love your outfits, they're beautiful and different. Waiting for more looks with these pants!
    The clutch is just too coooooool)



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