See through Yellow

Thankgod for the boots + bag in this outfit, otherwise it would have been way to plain-jane for my taste. I was having a small outfit crisis that morning and you know what that means! Piles of clothes outside of the closet and nothing that can complement the way you feel that day..

Finally I decided to go for  a trusted pair of jeans, loose top and a leather jacket which is always my kind of "don't know what to wear today so I end up wearing this" outfit. My dad later on said he liked my casual look that day, even with the crazy shoes ;)

 jacket - Vero Moda Jeans // sweater - H&M men // laced hem tank - Vero Moda //
jeans - Mango // boots - Acne // bag - H&M faa

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  1. Wow your shoes!, I really understand your outfit crisis, haha (:

  2. meiss... wat een toffe schoenen! jaloers!

  3. Those boots!! I need a pair in my life!

  4. Haha, té herkenbaar dit.. maar je hebt er weer iets heel erg moois van gemaakt! Prachtig meis!
    x M.

  5. I'm completely in love with this outfit, these boots are simply amazing. I think they look even better in an outfit than in the shop!


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