Sunday Select

  • Walking in these streets with my red heels on wasn't the easiest thing to do!
  • Tiny letterbox in a very old house we accidentally walked by.
  • Mille Feuille's with orange frosting for queensday.
  • Some beautiful spring sights from our day out cycling.

How was your weekend guys? Did you celebrate queensday or enjoyed the nice weather? I'm running off to the theatre for a night of cabaret and I still have to change clothes so I'll better put myself on double speed for the next half hour!

Have a great week everyone,
Love Daphne

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  1. Those shoes are beautiful! Great pictures too :)

  2. oooh those red heels are hot! love the colour. & that dessert looks so yummy.
    hope the cabaret was fun.x


  3. I'm such a sucker for red shoes. They attract me like they're magnetic. But I'm always like.. no, don't do that, you don't own even a pair of black ones :D


  4. Wat een leuke post zeg, die 'lage' foto van die weg is tof! :)


  5. love your heels and your hair...
    ♥ anna

  6. Ik hou van jouw sunday select foto's! En nog thanks voor je superlieve berichtje, ik ben al begonnen met de locatie maar er moet zoveel gebeuren dat ik er nu voornamelijk nog even van wil genieten op mijn roze wolkje voor straks alles gelijk staat aan stress haha ;P xx


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