Sunday Select

  • Having fresh strawberry's for breakfast, mmm.
  • My new Mac lipstick & eyebrow pencil that I have been using non stop since I bought them.
  • Spending the day on a boat with some friends enjoying the weather. Sun, water, a nice breeze flowing through your hair, what's not to love.
  • ZoefZoef trying out his very first strawberry ever.
  • My new ballerina flats that I bought for only 6 euro's (!) and they fit like they where made for me so you can imagine my happiness :)

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  1. Die laatste foto is zo mooi!
    Heerlijk als je zo'n perfect koopje doet. En wat is je konijntje lief zeg!
    x M.

  2. oooh the strawberries look so yummy! & a day on a boat would be loads of fun. cute ballerina bun.x


  3. die laatste foto is echt prachtig! is mac aan te raden? zit al zo lang te twijfelen om iets aan te schaffen! xx


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