Sunday Select

  •  The gorgeous caramel cake that Pieter made last week.
  • More fun every day. We drove by this tree in the middle of nowhere and just had to go back to take another look and and a picture ofcourse.
  •  My new Acne pixels, soooo comfortable I couldn't have dreamt it but they are and I never wanna take them off again!
  • New in : H&M FAA yellow and silver bags.
  • Such crazy weather over here in Holland the past few days. Sunny, cloudy, wind, rain.. we've seen everything this week and I'm kinda hoping that the sun will stick around and the others will lay low for a bit ;)
  • Going through loads of magazines for our interior decorating appointment last Saturday. We have gotten some great new ideas that have made some things a lot easier but on the other side created a lot more options so we have plenty of stuff to think about these next few weeks.

How have you been guys? Did you have a nice week and enjoyed your weekend?

Lots of love,
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  1. jaaaa kheb ze ook binnen. haha hebben we weer echt pcies tzelfde besteld XD.



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