Sunday Select

  • Some amazing looking cupcakes we bought the other day. Unfortunately, they didn't tasted nearly as delicious as they look and inspired me to go on a hunt for the perfect cupcake recipe and make some myself.
  • New scarf I bought at Zara's mens department. I just loved the color and print and had to take it home with me ;)
  • Emping crackers and lontong rice for the gado-gado (indonesian meal) my mom made us, mmm!
  • Bought these two basic tee's at Zara the other day. Love having a nude colored one along with my usual black and white basics.

Doing these sunday select posts make me realise how fast it becomes sunday again each week and that the day's just fly by in rapid speed. On a positive note, that also means that if time keeps flying by like this it will be December any time soon and we can start decorating our new house. Woot!

Love, Daphne

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  1. you alllllways have amazing food shots! makes me even more hungry then i already am. the last shot of you is stunning.x


  2. wat een mooie/leuke/lekkere dingen!!
    x M.

  3. Super fotootjes meis! Vind de laatste van jou echt prachtig!



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