Sunday Select

  • Last week I told you about the cupcakes we bought here. Because they where such a disappointment I went on a quest for gorgeous cupcake recipes and here is my first attempt in finding THE perfect cupcake. Big post on them coming up!
  • A small sneek peek of this weekend's outfit post.
  • One moment you still have about eight different perfumes, the other moment you're all out. This happened to me last week so I went out and bought two of my favourite summer fragrances.
  • Sightseeing shots of Den Bosch where we did some shopping last Saturday.
  • Delicious chocolate truffles we brought home frome the Chocolate Company.

Such busy days with fun and some less fun things in it, but in the end I would say I've had a good week this last one and I'm looking forward to this upcoming week since I've just heard it's gonna be up to 30 degrees(!) tomorrow. Let's hope so, I say welcome back sun!

Lots of love, Daphne

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  1. Those cupcakes look so yummy,and the pictures are fantastic. I f you do share the recipe I hope you don't mind my reblogging to my post :)

  2. your outdoor shots look amazing. that architecture is beautiful.x


  3. Nice pic, but yummy most of all =) I have tons of recipes of cupcakes to share with you if you want. I used to be cupcake baking addicted a year or so ago haha. You could also look on tastespotting.com.
    Have a nice week. =)xx


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