Banoffee Smoothie

With the sun shining high and the temperature rising, my bf get's his what I call 'smoothie-fever'. It's one of the few food related things he does every year and love's doing. Yesterday he made the first ones of the season and they were absolutely delicisous!

What you need to make these babies yourself :

125 ml of milk
1 banana
125 ml low fat yoghurt
1 tablespoon of caramel sauce
2-3 drops vanilla essence
4 icecubes
a pinch of nutmeg

If you've managed to get all the ingredients together, the hardest part of this recipe is already over. All you have to do now, is put everything together in the blender and mix untill smooth. Put it in some nice glasses, decorate with some fudge if you want, and get ready to enjoy this delicious banoffee smoothie!

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  1. that sounds so yummy! i think i might have to jot the recipe down.x


  2. Oh my, I think I'll make this for my boyfriend tomorrow (ok, it's for me too) it looks felicious, never thought of adding caramel. yumms!!

  3. Hmmmmm, i love smoothies! Deze ga ik zeker proberen!


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