Sunday Select

  • MAC Lady Danger lipstick on my mug.
  • Strawberry's and greek yoghurt make an excellent summer desert.
  • We visited the Zoo this last Thursday with some friends and thought it was so cute how the momma was teaching the little one how to drink.
  • Gorgeous printed fish in the aqarium. Imagine this print being on a wide legged silk pants, I'd die for them.
  • Pieter showing a tiny peek of his new tattoo he got the week before.
  • Having a tea + cheese sandwich at the Zoo.
  • Very old compass.
  • Pieter's bright blue slurpee!
  • Me not being able to stop laughing, it's the kind of laughter that once you've started you just can't stop. And just when you think you have returned back to normal, someone says or does something (doesn't have to be funny at-all..) and you start all over again ;) 

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  1. that laughter is possibly the best type of laughter everrrr! love it. & your bun is so cute. love your lippy colour too.
    i really want to go to the zoo when im holidays, fingers crossed i can make time for it!x


  2. Awww the monkeys!! Great photos!


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