• Wearing my new red pants from H&M. Love the color but hate the fact that the inner seam on the right side keeps twisting to the front. Grmbl..
  • Having scones and jam @ Pink Lemon in Den Bosch while enjoying the sun and getting my tan on. Woot!
  • Part 2 of the Yvonne Koné bracelet DIY. Love the way this one turned out, might even like it better than the first one I did here.
  • Fashiolista stickers for making all dull things a little bit prettier :)
  • Some leftover brownies me and my cousin made for desert when having dinner all together last Saturday. Sweet fresh strawberries and dark chocolate brownies just go sooo well together!
  • Never owned a pair of high top sneakers, but when I ran into these amazing Adidas ones I just had to take them home. I mean, on sale AND in the right size.. that's meant to be ;)

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100% SILK

I took home these beautiful wide legged pants from Zara yesterday. Wasn't planning on buying anything pants related 'cause I was looking for some long sleeved tops.

The weather right now doesn't allow wearing tee's and tanks all the time, but it's too warm to be taking out knits again so I definitely need some good longsleeves in my life. Couldn't resist buying these real silk pants though, they were only a fraction of it's original price!

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Finally found some time to try another recipe out of the Jamie's 30 Minute meals book. I love cooking for friends and especially new things that taste just as good as you hoped they would :) I made a summer pasta with herb salade (similar recipes here + here) and for dessert I made these yummm pear tartlets! Felt selfish keeping them to myself so I'm gonna share the recipe with you here :

Shopping list :
4 small shortcrust pastry cases
4 dessert spoons of raspberry jam
4 halves of tinned pears
2 egg whites
100 grams white caster sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla essence
a pinch of salt
good quality icecream to go with (the recipe says vanilla but I used pecan caramel instead :)

1. Preheat the oven up to 190c (374F) Put the pastry cases on to a roasting tray and fill each case with 1 dessertspoon of the jam. Cut the pear halves in slices and layer them on top of the jam.

2. Put the sugar, a pinch of salt and the egg whites in to a bowl and mix with an electric mixer on the highest speed till it becomes a shiny and thick mixture.

3. Carefully stirr the vanilla essence in through the mixture and put a big spoon full of it on top of each pastry case. The more pointy you make it, the better it will look once it comes out of the oven.

4. Put the tray with the cases in to the oven for about 6 minutes till they start to brown a bit and take them out. The recipe says let them cool a bit, but we loved them still warm and that way the icecream starts to melt a bit together with the warm tartlets. Trust us, it was GOOD!

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I have these babies lined up and ready to go as soon as the sun shows it's pretty face again. But by the look of things it seems like all we can do is wait for the temperature to rise back up again.

platform studded sandels - H&M (seen here) // leather buckled flats - COS

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Wesc Banjo white headphones // Acne Dark navy jacket // Michael Kors 8077 golden watch 
Alex Monroe tiny golden knot ring //  Viktor & Rolf eay mega perfume // Prada minimal baroque suglasses

We just celebrated Pieter's birthday yesterday and already I can start looking forward to mine. It's a little over three weeks away so more than enough reason to start on my birthday wishlist I'd say :)

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  • Fresh summer strawberry's dipped in white chocolate made a special desert to an everyday dinner.
  • Beautiful flowers Pieter bought for me last thursday to celebrate the start of my holiday <3
  • One of my favourite things ever. Melon.
  • Some of the things I made for my boyfriend's birthday party this weekend. Wraps with herb cream cheese + cucumber and chicken with sweet chili cream cheese.
  • Wesc headphones I bought for Pieter's birthday. Definitely want a pair of my own, they sound amazing!
  • This week has been ALL FALL. Wind, rain, cold.. only things missing are the orange leaves and chestnutts. Nonetheless days like these are perfect for at home beauty treatments so I gave myself one of my favourite facemasks and tried not to laugh or talk for twenty minutes ;)

Today is Pieter's actual birthday and just like when you're a kid and you get to choose what you eat, he chose pancakes. So right now I'm gonna be a good girlfriend, put my apron on and do some serious pancake making!

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Hi guys! It's saturday and I'm officially enjoying the first weekend of my holiday. woot! As you might've noticed I changed some things on the blog. There's a new layout, but also I added a few pages like this RECIPE page where you can find all the recipes I've shared with you on this blog all organised in one place and this SHOP page where I will be putting some stuff on later this week.

I'm leaving you with these photo's that just gave me a great weekend feeling and maybe some inspiration for the new red pants I bought earlier this week. Have an amazing weekend and let me know what you think about the changes here on ChocolateChipCouture!

Lots of love,

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Can't stop thinking about these Prada minimal baroque sunglasses. Tried them on in Antwerp but can't really seem to remember why I didn't buy them....

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So here they are, the most easy to make but full of flavour oven baked fries. What you do :

1. Preheat the oven to 200c (390F)

2. Wash the amount of potatoes you normaly use (depending the number of people you're cooking for) but leave the skin on. Cut them in half and then into in to small parts. Line a bakingsheet with parchment paper and lay the potato parts on top.

3. Drizzle some olive oil over the potato parts and sprinkle over some sea salt and dried herbs to your taste. (you don't have to, they will taste great with just sea salt as well) I used these dried herbs from Oil & Vinegar.

4. Put them in the middle of your oven and let them roast for 30 minutes. That's it :) 

They are soooo easy to make, but they're deliciously crisp and the sea salt gives that gorgeous crunchy salty taste to them. I used the 30 minutes oven time to whip up a batch of rustic tomato ketchup (here) that went as the perfect side dish!

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Didn't realise untill looking at these pictures just now, that I've created my own casual suit with putting together these pants and jacket. I gotta say I absolutely love the way these pants make me feel. (already expressed my love for them here so I will leave it with that ;) But I'm sure this isn't the last time you've seen these babies on the blog!

blazer - Minimum // top - Zara // pants - Monki // heels - Zara // silver cuffs - Ydeltuyt (last seen here)

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