• Last minute puff pastry cookies right out of the oven for when my mom came over for a cup of tea. On the plate : cinnamon butterflies, apricot caramelised doubles and chocolate rolls.
  • The newest addition to my lipstick collection, Rouge Diorific in a gorgeous purple-ish red.
  • Our drinks at the Bagels & Beans, the 'everything juice' and fresh mint tea.
  • My favourite bagel there is this Tuscany Bagel. I always wanna try something new but end up ordering this one instead ;) I saw Xaviera's b&b pictures last week and they made me crave for a sesame bagel with olive tapenade and sundried tomatoes so much, we decided to go out and get one for lunch this Saturday afternoon.
  • Bumble bee sitting on one of the flowers in our garden.

What have you done this week, are you already enjoying a holiday?
Lots of love,

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